The Program

Insurance for Custom Harvesters divides conveniently into seven parts, each with specific, narrow areas of coverage.

Commercial Auto coverage provides public liability protection and client asset protection.  Public liability protection is provided at a $1,000,000 limit if a client causes property damage or bodily injury to a claimant resulting in legal liability from the operation of any insured truck, pickup, tractor truck or trailer.  Asset protection is provided by using the Comprehensive and Collision coverage parts of the business auto policy.

As an additional coverage, all clients have liability protection if they rent, lease or borrow any vehicle or trailer. Protection is also provided the client if an employee uses his own vehilce on behalf of the client and the employee is involved in an incident causing either bodily injury or property damage.

As the particular business situation demands, the program is equipped to add lien holder protection and additional named insured protection.  Filings with the Department of Transportation or the Department of Labor as well as individual state filing requirements are provided within one hour of the request if needed. Certificates of insurance for proof of insurance are available by fax or e-mail request.

Commercial Liability coverage provides public liabililty protection for all aspects of the business operation other than those parts specifically addressed by the Commercial Auto coverage.

As an additional coverage, all clients have liability protection for "fire in the field", which under the standard ISO Commercial General Liability is excluded under the care, custody and control exclusion. This special endorsement is an important additional coverage to standard liability coverages required by custom harvesting operations.

Inland Marine coverage provides asset protection for business property other than trucks and trailers. Included in the protection provided in this section is coverage for combines, tractors, grain carts, goats, muletrains, and other mobile agriculture equipment.  Additionally, coverage is offered for radios, tools and parts on a blanket basis.

Cargo coverage provides protection for the agricultural product belonging to the client's customer while the client is transporting that product in his truck or trailer. Again the care, custody and control exclusion of all auto and liability policies makes the coverage important.

Umbrella Excess Liability coverage provides addtional layers of public liability protection above the basic commercial auto and commercial general liability limit of $1,000,000.  Additional layers of liability up to $5,000,000 are offered.

Workmen's Compensation coverage provides medical and rehabilitation resources for workers injured during the course of their employment. Rates and coverage are determined by each state in which work is performed, but coverage is provided by a single custom design multi-state policy with an annual renewal date of April 1, providing ample time for post-term audits to be performed before harvest travel requires clients to leave home.

Surety Bonds are required for employers of H2A Visa Laborers and are written through a branch of Star Insurance Company. The bond penalty is determined by the number of visas that the employer is awarded by the Department of Labor: 1-24 requirers a $5000 bond; 25-49 -- $10,000; 50-74-- $20,000; 75-99 -- $50,000; 100+-- $75,000.

As a service to program clients, financing options are made available to fit the cash flow of most custom harvest operations. Interest rates are held as low as possible by bulk purchase of financing funding.


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