How to Prevent Loss

Client Centered

Whether you have a one machine operation, or multiple, maintaining a safe work environment is critical to your success.  The Ag industry can be one of the most dangerous jobs to have, so it is important to be proactive in making sure that your every day practices help keep you and your employees safe.  We partner with our carriers to offer loss control best practices to our insureds.  We can conduct on-site visits or provide materials for educational meetings.  We have access to complete HR tools if that is what you need to run your business safely and profitably. 

Before you head out on harvest, we participate in several regional safety meetings that help set up an environment for safe practices, and we encourage you to bring your employees to one near you.  If one is not available, contact us and we can help get one set up.

We want to see everyone have a safe harvest, and it is our commitment to help everyone come home safely after the season is over.